David's Story

Words can’t describe how happy I am here. I’ve been trying to rebuild my life and regain as much independence as possible and this house has really allowed me to get a lot of that back.David Holmes

An Adapted Home

David Holmes suffered a spinal cord injury while working as a stunt man on a major film franchise. One of the things he was able to do with his compensation was build a home specially adapted to his needs.

IM Asset Management was able to help by creating a financial plan to make sure his compensation would cover the cost of designing and building the house, while continuing to give him an annual income. 

David worked with an architect to design a home that was wheelchair-friendly and gave him as much independence as possible. Some of these adaptations included:

  • Doors and lights remotely operated from a tablet
  • Lifts between floors
  • Doors that slide rather than swing open
  • Modified kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom designed to fit his wheelchair
  • Adapted bed to make it easier getting in and out


Designed For Independence

“If all people had gained the level of independence that I have in my life then disability wouldn’t be so much of a taboo."

David Holmes – Client

Everything in David’s house is designed with his needs in mind. A specially adapted kitchen means appliances are at his level and easy to use. The bathroom is compatible with his wheelchair, meaning he’s able to have privacy when he most needs it.

His injury affects how much he’s able to use his hands, so it’s also about making adaptations to everyday appliances. He has special push-button taps in the kitchen and bathroom that change the temperature depending on the number of presses. All the lights and doors in the house can be controlled by him via a tablet.

The tablet also allows him to control the front door and check the video link before he lets anyone in. This is especially important if he needs to call one of his carers in the night. It means he doesn’t need to have someone in the house with him all the time, but if there is an emergency and he needs to let someone in, he can do this remotely and still feel secure.

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