Nathalie's Story

They've given me great financial advice – I came from another firm and IM Asset Management were like a breath of fresh air, looking at the entire picture. I feel much better informed and in control of my financial future.Nathalie McGloin 

Against The Odds

Nathalie was in a car crash at 16 and suffered a C6/7 complete spinal injury. She was left paralysed from the waist down but didn’t let this deter her from her love of sports.

First she played wheelchair rugby for Great Britain, winning best in class at the Maximus Tournament in Rio 2008. Next, she set her sights on motor racing.

Nathalie came to us from another asset management firm, seeking financial advice that was more tailored to her specific needs. She had ambitions to race and compete at the highest level and needed to make sure her finances could support this.

A New Start

“The sticker on my car gives me confidence that I am being looked after. It felt really good to have a sponsor who wasn’t a stranger, a company who'd helped me start racing by helping me budget, to make sure it was financially sustainable.”

Nathalie McGloin – Client

As with all our clients, we took time to get to know Nathalie and understand what her long-term goals were. We created a financial plan to make sure racing was not just possible, but sustainable over time. 

We continue to review this year on year, making sure Nathalie's money is working for her in a way that fits with her plans. We're also proud to be one of the official sponsors displayed on her specially-adapted racing car. 

"The personal touch is really important," says Nathalie. "It really helps when your adviser knows about your lifestyle. The relationship is more than just a corporate email and that is very important." 

Blazing A Trail

Nathalie races a modified Porsche Cayman S, competing against able-bodied men. She’s the only tetraplegic female racing driver in the world and was the first disabled sportsperson to present the trophy at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

In 2016 she set up Spinal Track, an organisation that gives disabled drivers the chance to race in specially modified cars like her own.

She also works internationally as an inspirational speaker, using her own story as a foundation to communicate the message that anything is possible.

Read more about Nathalie on her website - and keep up with her latest racing accomplishments on her blog

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