Rosie's Story

Being reliant on other people to do everything for you - it’s still difficult... but having the right people around you makes all the difference.

Care And Rehabilitation

Rosie Mayes was left tetraplegic after a car accident in 2009. She was in hospital for nine months before returning home to live with full-time care.

With the benefit of financial planning, she’s able to get the rehabilitation and support that’s right for her, and build a team around her that she trusts.

“Having the right people around you makes all the difference, makes it a lot less frustrating,” says Rosie.

Getting The Right Support

“Feeling comfortable with someone and having a friendship with them is really important. Being with someone that you don’t know, that can make you feel really vulnerable.”

Rosie Mayes – Client

The extent of Rosie’s injuries mean that she needs 24-hour care, so having a choice in what that care consists of and the people who provide it makes a huge difference to her everyday life.

She also has physio two times a week to help her strengthen her muscles, manage pain, and get some cardiovascular exercise. Working with someone who knows her body and her needs is vital for Rosie to get the most out of her care and feel comfortable.

Looking Forward

With the right team around her, Rosie has been able to continue with her own life. She completed her degree in History at Sheffield University and continues to pursue her passion for watching live music.

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